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Benjamin Ryan's
None of the following are published and all are actively seeking agent representation. #ReadMyBooks!


Be Careful
What You Wish For

A Manuscipt

Genre: Adult / Jewish Humor / Adventure 

Evan's 5th birthday wish had finally come true; every car in the world was now yellow. It came to fruition incomprehensibly, in the midst of his midlife crisis. Panic overflowed the streets, but that's not why he worried. Over the years he'd wished outrageous things upon his candles.


A Zombie Bubbe? The end of the world? No more vegetables exist and pigeons can talk?  Too bad Evan's last wish was to never grow another year older, and his upcoming birthday is quickly approaching...

Yes, a sequel is being written as we speak...

* Disclaimer - These images are not the cover but a mood board to which I do not own the images.


Dark Truths

A Manuscript

Genre: Adult / Dark Fantasy / Suspense 

As a result of their argument, Homicide Detective Karis Solbly volunteered to investigate a murder in isolated Starlight Grove; her fiancé’s rainy hometown on the edge of Olympic National Park. European legend holds the townsfolk captive, but the white man’s account of what lurks beyond the edge of town is far beyond the actual truth…


Desperate for answers to unexplainable occurrences, she abandons all protocols. As Charles, a local man, reveals to her what truly exists beyond the fog, the mystical ambiguity of the forest and the exhilaration of an adventure draws them closer together. Karis' fiancé, however, has manipulated his way into the investigation tearing asunder any doubts she harbored about the validity of a dark truth worth killing for.


Should she stand by Harrison, the man she still loves, and bring justice to the guilty party, or follow Charles, the man she trusts the most, into the forest to embrace the opportunity to preserve a legend she never fathomed could actually be true?


The Crossing

A Manuscript

Genre: Adult / Adventure / Fantasy / Thriller

The world has been thrust into a 20th century witch-hunt as psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants receive universal dreams encoded with instructions on how to create a bridge to another dimension which human's lovingly refer to as the 'other side'.  

Gina discovered the ancient symbol in an excavation. Noah witnessed it during an attack. Annette saw it in her visions. As the three independently cross through portals, they believe their specific agenda is what is best to end the crossing, but all three have been lied to, and are about to awaken to a truth that is hard to accept.

This isn't the first time an event like this has happened, and humanities past holds the key...

Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 11.20.31 AM.png

Welcome To

A Manuscript

Allegedly, Savanna Casanova was pronounced dead while on a trip to Mexico. Her neighbors and friends, though appearing to mourn, were busy constructing alibis. How well do you know your neighbor? Are they the sweet old lady whose bake sale cakes take home the blue ribbon or a vigilante out for revenge? A collector of rare and exotic antiquities or a blackmarket smuggler with a fondness for adventures? A reclusive housewife hiding her affair or a woman in hiding due to a sinister past?


The reasons behind Savanna’s untimely demise weren't the only obscure secrets that unknowingly intertwined all of her neighbors. There was one among them determined to correct the wrongdoings of the past, but we all know how moral compasses seldom face due North. And then there was me, with an agenda all my own, watching with interest as blackmail sent the neighborhood spinning into a lethal vortex of desperation. Family secrets are about to be exposed, but blood isn’t always thicker than water. I say it as a warning - know thy neighbor - and welcome to Midlothian Boulevard.

Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 12.10.53 PM.png

Beta Readers Needed!

What is a beta reader? 

A beta reader is someone the author trusts to read chapters, sections, or the entire manuscript before it is sent to agents, editors, and/or publishing houses. Beta readers provide feedback and a chance to influence the book through any of the following: 

* Line Edits / Grammar / Structure / Word Changes

* POV / Narration / Plot / Characterization  

* Reactions & Suggestions / Comments  

* Rewrites / Adding Or Removing Sections

If you would like to be a part of the Benjamin Ryan (BRCloth) Beta Reading Team for ANY project, please reach out! ALL help is appreciated and respected! 

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