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Benjamin Ryan


Amazon #1 Best Selling Author 

Distinguished Favorite in the NYC Big Book Award 

3x winner in the BookFest Award 


Award Winning YA Novel

Madame Eldridge's Wayward Home for Unruly Boys (2023)

⭐️ LGBTQ+ Friendly

⭐️ Time Travel Reinvented 

⭐️ Magical Realism

⭐️ Suspence & Plot-Twists

⭐️ Male Friendship

What happens at the program stays there, no if's and's or but's. It makes sense as to why every boy is referred to by his "problem" not his name...


From debut author Benjamin Ryan, this fast paced book follows a group of disorderly teenaged boys engaged in a behavior program who must unmask the truth about their caretaker and what she intends for the unexplainable magic they've possessed through the hidden artifacts uncovered within the mysterious home. 


"The last page will make you rethink the entire adventure, enticing you to search for the clues hidden within..."​​



What will your theory be as to what actually happened within the walls of the home?



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'My favorite book of 2024! This is my 4th time reading, and I get something new out of it each time. Great for intermediate boys - can't wait to use with boy's book clubs when school begins! I promise you will absolutely love it!'

- Brett Ward


Atlanta, Georgia

Praise & Reviews

'Benjamin Ryan spins a spellbinding atmospheric web, which holds captive his readers from the very first page. I was so caught up in the dialogue, I forgot there was a book in my hands...And I, too, was scared as the light passed beneath the door...'

- Alexandra Haden-Douglas

Award-winning Author of "The Four"

'It wasn't just plot-twists and cliffhangers which captivated us, it was the quality of whimsy, the feeling of enchantment, and the mysterious theories which didn't stop even after the last page was read. I still can't stop thinking about this book.'

Tyler Wittkofsky

Tea With Coffee Media - Publisher


About Benjamin Ryan

"With inspiration

and a powerful imagination

comes the greatest of responsibilities..."

Being an unpredictable storyteller, I very much enjoy advancing my readers through bewilderingly whimsical adventures. In addition to my latest release, Madame Eldridge's Wayward Home for Unruly Boys, I also have several manuscripts currently seeking forever homes with fabulous agents working for powerful agencies. I invite you to explore my website and connect with me on Twitter "X" or on Instagram at: @BRClothWrites.


Let's embark on something wildly new

and mysteriously dangerous,


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